Elant factory equipment
Elant factory equipment.
will be tested once it's finished. It has been sprayed with different kinds of liquid for quality test and it proved that it is not affected by those liquids.
    The following are to show you how our recycling machine are made.
    The following are to show you how our recycling machine are made..
      Give you idea recycling solution as per your waste plastic material & Material formula for PVC compounding
      Zhangjiagang Elant Machinery Co., Ltd is a globally recognized plastic recycling machine & PVC automatic dosing mixing conveying system manufacturer who provides the most simple, easy-operating recycling system in the market today.

      Elant continues to focus on user-friendliness of its machines through re-engineering, making recycling extremely "Simple" for its users - Easy operation and maintenance. The plastic recycling machine supplier provides customized solutions for both post-industrial and post-consumer waste. Technology Department: 6 engineers for machine designing.

      So, just tell us your requirements, we will give you ideal solution for your choice thus can save you much time.

      We Provide Following Service:

      A. PET bottle recycling washing machine, the final pellets can be used for making long fibers, short fibers, carpet or making food grade new bottles.

      B. Plastic film washing/recycling system, the material can be such as agricultural film, mulching film, post-consumer films/bags, post-industrial film, PP jumbo bag, PP woven bag etc.

      C. Plastic bottle washing/recycling system, such as ABS household appliances, PS plastics, HDPE bottles (MILK bottle, Shampoo bottle etc).

      D. Single screw extruder/pelletizing machine, it can be separated one stage and two stages pelletizing line. Twin screw extruder, for making masterbatch compounding, modification, for Lab. Using. For PET flakes pelletizing.

      E. Automatic PVC Dosing System, PVC Gravimetric Dosing System, Automatic Plastic Mixing Machine, High Speed Mixer, Plastic Mixer. 24 hours continuous automatic feeding operation are centralized controlled by microcomputer.

      F. Auxiliary machine, such as Shredder machine, Crusher machine, Squeezer machine, Agglomerator machine, plastic pelletizer (cantilever type and gantry type).
        Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.