Hard Plastic Nylon/PC/ABS/HDPE/PS/PVC Shredder Machine for Paper Cardboard

Hard Plastic Nylon/PC/ABS/HDPE/PS/PVC Shredder Machine for Paper Cardboard

Plastic Nylon/PC/ABS/HDPE/PS/PVC Shredder Machine application:

1)Papers, cardboards, large-diameter pipes and plates



4)Wire and Cable

5)Metal, glass fiber, carbon fiber


Application Area:
Plastic Nylon/PC/ABS/HDPE/PS/PVC Shredder Machine is used to recycle plastic, paper, wood, fiber, cable, rubber, home appliance, light steel, municipal solid waste, etc. It is ideally suited for the reduction of a wide range of different materials:

•Refuse-derived fuel: straw, municipal solid waste;
•Textile: cloth fiber, nylon;
•Paper: industrial waste paper, packing paper, cardboard paper;
•Cable wires: copper core cable, aluminum cable, composite cables;
•Polypropylene pipe, industrial packaging & plastic films, PP woven bags;
•Plastic: plastic block, plastic sheets, PET bottle, plastics pipe, plastic container, plastic drums;

Innovative research and design team with 20-year experience in plastic recycling industry. 

Feature & Function of Paper Cardboard Shredder Machine:
1. Single shaft shredder has characters as follows: single shaft shredder properties as follows: strong, durable. It is suitable to recycle a variety of bulk solid materials, refractory materials, plastic containers and plastic barrels, plastic films, fibers, paper. Shredded particles can be small to 20mm according to different needs. We can provide all kinds of feed hopper; low speed rotary cutter in accordance with customer needs , which will be low noisy and energy saving.
2. Single shaft shredder consists of a knife disc and a static knife to complete shredding material. Cutter is composed of a base shaft and several shape quadrilateral knife block. The knife block has 4 blades, can be replacing the use of. The knife block along the axis of the base is in multiple rows into type V, and fixed with screws in the radical axis, rotated with the based shaft together, finally comprise a knife disc. The two static knife is fixed on the machine frame. The material is sent to the cutter by the horizontal hydraulic cylinder. The speed is stable and adjustable, and the propulsive force is large and uniform. It is applicable to the recovery of a variety of bulk solid materials, refractory materials, irregular plastic containers and plastic barrels, tubes, films, fibers, paper etc. Spindle speed is 45 ~ 100 rpm/min.
3. We can offer a variety of rotor configurations to suit different applications.Such as:High Performance Rotor,Hard Material Rotor and Soft and Film Rotor.
4. When customers choose the rotor, we can also offer different knives holder to suit different requirement. Such as:Welded Knife holders,Assembled Knife holders and CNC cutting knife holders.

Technical parameters Paper Cardboard Shredder Machine :


Motor (kw)

Diameter of rotor


Rotating Knife (pcs)

Fixed Knife (pcs)

Hydraulic Motor power (kw)

Weight (kg)
ERS70030 or 37Φ2807533233500
ERS150090 0r 110Φ5507512027.5 10000
ERS2000132 or 160Φ60075180211 14000

Note:The above Technical parameters is only for your consideration, real technical parameters of shredder machine will be different based on shredding different material requirements, please call us for more information before purchasing. 

For choosing proper machine and saving your time, please read these bellow guides carefully:


1. What material do you want to shredder? Show us some photos of your waste plastics?

2. What capacity do you want? (kg/hr)  

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