We are dedicated to the research, design, manufacturing and technical service for environmental-friendly recycling machinery and air conveying/mechanical conveying, material automatic weighing & dosing system, centralized controlled by microcomputer. 

Plastic bottle recycling machine
ELANT supplied high quality Plastic bottle recycling machine for Argentina customer 1500-2000kg/hr. Elant China PET bottle recycling washing machine line manufacturers-Elant,High Quality Plastic Recycling Machine with Competitive Price.
PET Bottle Recycling Machine 500kg/hr manufacturers
The PET bottle recycling machine takes dirty bottles and transforms them into clean PET flakes. And the flakes can be further processed and reutilized with high commercial value. The production capacity we can make on the PET Bottle recycling machine can be 500kg/h to 3000kg/h.
PET Recycling Machine 2000kg/hr
ELANT has a variety of different solutions for recycling PET bottles, mineral bottles, drinking bottles and PP PE scraps (LDPE/LLDPE film, PP woven bags, PP non-woven, PE bags, milk bottles, cosmetic containers, vegetable and fruit boxes). With advanced modular design, ELANT can freely combine each standard module to provide to customers specialized solutions. Product Name: EL- PET Recycling Washing Machine
PP Recycling Machine
Plastic (Film/woven bag/fiber/rope) recycling machine has smart modular design aiming at agricultural film, industrial packaging film, bag waste recycling. It is including sorting, size reduction, metal removing, cold and hot washing, high efficiency friction washing and drying modular. Which can remove most of contaminants such as ferrous and nonferrous metals contaminants efficiently. Moreover, the solution can be provided with all water treatment, processing of sludge, paper stick, labels and etc.
PE Film Recycling Machine 800kg/hr
To recycle waste plastic such as plastic bags, PP woven bags, plastic agriculture film, greenhouse films, mulching films, plastic package films, PE waste film, PP waste film, PVC waste film, industrial film, printed film and etc. These plastics all need PE Film Recycling Machine.
LDPE LLDPE HDPE Film Plastic Pelletizing Machine Supplier
ECS series LDPE LLDPE HDPE Film Plastic Pelletizing Machine, it is a three in one recycling machine designed for low density plastic articles. It could provide the excellent re-pelletizing and recycling solution for film, raffia, filament, woven bag and nonwoven fabric and other consumed / post soft or rigid plastic. 
PET Pelletizing machine 500kg/hr
The PET pelletizing machine combines function of crushing, compacting, plasticization and pelletizing to one step. applied in the plastics recycling and pelletizing process. ECS system is a reliable and efficiency solution for plastics films, raffias, filaments, bags, woven bags and foaming materials re-pelletizing.Final productions produced by ECS system are in the form of pellets/ granules, can directly put into the production line for film blowing, pipe extrusion and plastics injection, etc.
Best Rigid Plastic PP HDPE Pelletizing Machines Factory Price-Elant
We manufacture high quality rigid plastic PP HDPE pelletizing Machines, and also PP PE, PET washing recycling machine. 
Our Service

Zhangjiagang Elant Machinery Co., Ltd is a globally recognized plastic recycling machine & PVC automatic dosing mixing conveying system manufacturer who provides the most simple, easy-operating recycling system in the market today. 

We Provide Following Service:  

A. PET bottle recycling washing machine, the final pellets can be used for making long fibers, short fibers, carpet or making food grade new bottles. 

B. Plastic film washing/recycling system, the material can be such as agricultural film, mulching film, post-consumer films/bags, post-industrial film, PP jumbo bag, PP woven bag etc.

C. Plastic bottle washing/recycling system, such as ABS household appliances, PS plastics, HDPE bottles (MILK bottle, Shampoo bottle etc). 

D. Single screw extruder/pelletizing machine, it can be separated one stage and two stages pelletizing line. Twin screw extruder, for making masterbatch compounding, modification, for Lab. Using. For PET flakes pelletizing. 

E. Automatic PVC Dosing System, PVC Gravimetric Dosing System, Automatic Plastic Mixing Machine, High Speed Mixer, Plastic Mixer. 24 hours continuous automatic feeding operation are centralized controlled by microcomputer. 

F. Auxiliary machine, such as Shredder machine, Crusher machine, Squeezer machine, Agglomerator machine, plastic pelletizer (cantilever type and gantry type). 


Our products have ever been exported to many countries, such as, Germany, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Egypt, Slovakia, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. 

Elant Argentina Customer- PET Bottle Recycling Machine 1000kg/hr
This is our good customer in Argentina, and in 2019 we supplied them a very high quality PET washing line 1000kg/hr, two crushers are from Germany brand and made in China factory. The customer process recycle PET bottles and their own product PET straps. 
Poland HDPE Bottles Recycling Machine 500-800kg/hr, HDPE pelletizing machine
We supplied a complete set of HDPE bottles recycling washing line 500-800kg/hr and HDPE pelletizing machine 500kg/hr and Waste water treatment system 5ton/hr to our Poland customer. Our engineer went to install the machine and all recycling machine are workingvery well. 
Australia PP PE LDPE films Pelletizing machine 800-1000kg/hr
Our client’s material are mainly LDPE packaging films, our pelletizing machine’s capacity is guaranteed to be 800-1000kg/hr.ELANT has installed over 500 machines in 20 countries across the globe since 2005 and continues to focus on user-friendliness of its machines through re-engineering, making recycling extremely "Simple" for its users - Easy operation and maintenance. The plastic recycling machine supplier provides customized solutions for both post-industrial and post-consumer waste. We have Technology Department: 6 engineers for machine designing. So, just tell us your requirements, we will give you ideal solution for your choice thus can save you much time.We are specialized in providing: A. Plastic film washing/recycling system, the material can be such as agricultural film, mulching film, post-consumer films/bags, post-industrial film, PP jumbo bag, PP woven bag etc.
Germany Customer PP BOPP Films, Non-woven, Fabrics Pelletizing Machine 800-1000kg/hr
This is one of our best customer, their big boss is very gentlemanly and kindly man. They process very clean PP films, PP nonwoven, TPO, EPP, PP monofilm etc. The pelletizing machine capacity is 800-1000kg/hr.
About Us

We are China’s first brand in research, developing and producing Plastic Recycling Machinery & PVC Automatic Compounding and Dosing system. 

On the basis of utilizing our own advantages, we have our own excellent management, advanced research and development department and experienced technicians, we also learned the advanced technology from Germany and Italy, so we are capable of providing a turnkey solution for waste plastic washing and recycling machine and mixing and conveying for plastic & rubber industry. 

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.